Meet your New Business Copilot

Build and integrate custom AI agent to automate any workflow in minutes — no code required.

No credit card required

See how we create an autonomous AI agent in just 5 minutes.


Build an agent for every use case

Agents are composed of knowledge you upload, tasks it can perform and tools it can call — this allows you to build virtually any agent


Finally put your work on autopilot

Let your Agent autonomously complete tasks for you Automate anything with Agents equipped with custom tools

Ready-made agents
Our ever-growing agent marketplace helps you buy and sell ready-made agent for finetuned by specialists
Auto planning and execution
nexus agents do much more than simple execution, they are autonomous and can complete complex objective by planning and executing
Marketplace of 1,500+ tools
Expand your agent capabilities by selecting one of thousands existing tools and integrations
Finetune your agent with ease
Craft an Agent that echoes you and understands your tasks by providing examples
Integrate with existing apps
Don’t be bound by nexus interface and integrate your agent were it really matters for your work. From your own website to Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Email, etc.
Agnostic of all AI models
Escape the constraints of single-provider solutions. Power up your agent with LLMs from OpenAI, Mistral, Claude, or any open-source model. Run it all per tokens or with your own dedicated server. Your data, your breakthrough.


Building a powerful agent shouldn’t be hard

We built nexus from the ground up with one single constraint: make agent creation, tailoring and deployment as easy as it can possibly be

Create your agent
You don’t need to know advanced prompting techniques to build a first version of your agent: just talk to the agent builder and it will do it for you
Upload your knowledge
You can upload all types of multi-modal documents (PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPTX, EML) including images as well as connect with your Notion, Drive and websites
Connect tools
Check our marketplace of over 1500 unique tools and add to your agent to enhance its capabilities
Test in chat
Test your agent continuously in nexus built-in chat before deploying it
Integrate your agent directly on your website for your users or on Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, etc.


See for yourself what our users are saying

No phony or staged testimonials. Just real feedback from real users


Truly deserved ! Your platform is one of the best product in this category and imho underrated.

2.13 PM - Mar 23, 2024
Jeff Schneider

I'm a real critic of this stuff - ask anyone. After initial use of your app, I'll put it in the top 5% in the space

9.34 PM - Jan 24, 2024
Nate Pratt

nexus is giving OpenAI a run for their money AND they are bootstrapped… you can’t make this shit up

8.19 PM - Jan 4, 2024
Adam Silverman

Do not build an interface for your agent. Great work by nexus enabling agents to live where users are already working.

10.30 AM - Mar 20, 2024

GREAT IDEA ! The most creative and impactful project I have seen so far !!!

4.50 PM - Apr 22, 2023

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