Create an AI


in minutes

Any autonomous employee at your fingertips

Custom AI Assistants, Minutes Away
Create, fine-tune, and integrate AI that works for you – in minutes, not months.
Craft AI that echoes your voice and understands your tasks
Tailor and evolve your AI sidekick effortlessly
Plug AI into Slack, Teams, WhatsApp in a click
Fine-tune with your data for more accuracy
Run AI on your own servers for full data control and privacy
Trade Expertise, Tools & Models
Expand your assistant capabilities with ease. Dive into a vast marketplace where you can purchase ready-made assistants, specialized tasks, and innovative tools, or monetize your own creations.
Snap up AI-crafted employees
Exchange cutting-edge AI tools
Buy and sell custom AI models

Break Free from Vendor Lock-In

Escape the constraints of single-provider solutions. Power up your projects with the perfect AI from OpenAI, Gemini, Claude, or any open-source model. Run it all on buy purchasing tokens or with your own dedicated GPU servers, right there. Your data, your breakthrough.

Your Data, Guarded & GDPR-Ready

Your privacy is non-negotiable. Rest easy knowing your custom AI operates under stringent GDPR compliance. Your data remains secure and sovereign, fortified by our unwavering commitment to protect your information at every step.
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